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1. Superior quality, complies with international cosmetology requirements.
2. Sterilization certified by Gamma Ray, complies with Government Sterilization Guidelines.
3. Excellent stability, less vibration.
4. The needles are individually packed,for disposable using only.
Lips Auxiliary Paste:
First remove the lips horny, and then using the Lips Auxiliary paste to external application in the lips, after 20-30 minutes, you can tattoo the color to the lips. 
Eyebrow Reliving Paste:
First remove the eyebrow horny, with a needle dip some narcotic and gently apply to the operating place,and then using the Eyebrow Reliving paste to external application in the eyebrow, After 20-30 minutes,you can tattoo the color to the eyebrow. 
Item Type: Eyebrow Tattoo Kits
Case Size: App 25cm*25cm*8cm
Case Material: PU Leather
Weight: 980g
Model: 450521
Material: EVA (ethylene-vinylacetatecopolymer) + PU Leather
Color: Black
Sizes: 19 x 7 x 8cm
Voltage: 240V AC
Package Included:
1X Eyebrow Tattoo Machine (Red/Golden/Silver)
1X Power Plug Adapter
1X Practice Skin
1X Stripping Agent in Time
1X Lip Repair Protecting Agent 5ml
1X Eyebrow Repair Protecting Agent 5ml
1X Coffee Color Tube Agent 8g
1X Lips Auxiliary Paste( Analgesic; stop-bleeding, fixing color)
1X Eyebrow Reliving Paste( Analgesic; stop-bleeding, fixing color)
1X A black Case
2X Manual Eyebrow Tattoo Pens (Gold,Purple)
4X Micro Pigment Color 15 ml/bottle (jet black*1, Brown*1, real red*1, rose red*1)
10X Color Rings
9X Eyebrow Tattoo Blades/pin  (9 needles, 12 needles, 14 needles) * 3 piece
20X Finger Gloves
20X Eyebrow Tattoo Needles  (1 r, 3 r, 5 f, 7 f) * 5 pieces
20X Needle Cap (1 r, 3 r, 5 f, 7 f) * 5
1. We will send you a plug adapter according to your living country.
2.If your country’s Voltage is 110V, please click the link to buy the Voltage Adapter:


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